Airlines Updates

Copa Airlines announces new route to Mendoza, their fourth destination in Argentina

June 28th 2017 5:08PM
Starting November 15, Copa Airlines will begin direct flights to Mendoza from the Hub of the Americas in Panama City. The airline expands its network ...

US demands airlines tighten security as it sets out new flight rules

June 28th 2017 4:56PM
He said airlines that did not comply or are slow to enforce the new standards could be forced to ban large electronics in both carry-on and checked ...

US holds off expanding airline laptop ban as new rules laid out

June 28th 2017 4:33PM
Airlines have 120 days to comply or could face a ban on carrying all passenger electronics. They could even be denied the right to fly into the US.

Homeland Security Will Use Laptop Ban to Punish Airlines

June 28th 2017 4:05PM
The new rules will affect 180 airlines and approximately 325,000 passengers flying to the US every day. According to the Washington Post, DHS ...

Baby Born at 35000 Feet During Spirit Airlines Flight: 'He's Beautiful'

June 28th 2017 4:00PM
Christoph Carsten Lezcan recently came into the world at 35,000 feet on a Spirit Airlines flight headed from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to Dallas/Fort Worth.

US unveils new airline security measures to avoid laptop ban

June 28th 2017 3:38PM
“Inaction is not an option,” Kelly said, saying he believed airlines will comply with the new screening. But he said the measures were not the last step ...

How can airlines disrupt disruptions?

June 28th 2017 3:38PM
If airlines had to nominate a kryptonite, they might point the finger at extreme weather conditions. Adverse weather costs airlines billions annually.

US to airlines: Boost security on international flights coming into country or face possible total ban ...

June 28th 2017 3:37PM
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Homeland Security Department is demanding that airlines around the world step up security measures for international ...

Azores Airlines

June 28th 2017 3:27PM
Azores Airlines. today, 07:56. Hi,. I was checking to see if anyone has tried the business class from Oakland to Terceira Island. For a long time I was ...

Airlines Told To Boost Security For International Flights To US

June 28th 2017 3:26PM
The changes include enhanced passenger vetting, explosives detection and efforts to root out insider threats to airlines.

Southwest Airlines Reducing Service to Cuba

June 28th 2017 3:26PM
Southwest Airlines Co. announced Wednesday that the carrier will refocus its future service to Cuba by flying exclusively to Havana and ceasing ...

The Trump administration is threatening to expand its 'laptop ban' to all airlines that do not improve ...

June 28th 2017 3:26PM
“We will also lay out a clear path to encourage airlines and airports to adopt more sophisticated screening approaches, including better use of ...

The US will ban laptops on 180 international airlines unless they meet mysterious new security rules

June 28th 2017 3:07PM
The new rules will apply to 180 airlines flying out of 280 airports in 105 countries, according to senior officials at the Department of Homeland Security.

Southwest Airlines to scale down Cuba flights

June 28th 2017 3:07PM
(Reuters) - Southwest Airlines Co said it would reduce the number of flights to Cuba, joining other U.S. airlines, as President Donald Trump's Cuba ...

DHS tightens airline security for electronics on international flights

June 28th 2017 3:03PM
WASHINGTON — In a massive escalation of airline security worldwide, hundreds of thousands of travelers flying to the U.S. from overseas will face ...

US demands tougher airline security but avoids laptop ban

June 28th 2017 2:52PM
The US will require nearly 200 airlines to meet new heightened security protocols to combat the threat of bombs in electronic devices, but the Trump ...

US to Hold Off On Further Airline Laptop Bans

June 28th 2017 2:41PM
Instead the U.S. will require airlines and overseas airports to step up their procedures for screening passengers and securing airplanes. "We could ...

SEC Tells American Airlines to Rein In Praise of Its Non-GAAP Metrics

June 28th 2017 2:38PM
American Airlines Group Inc. AAL 1.59% removed certain “descriptive language” from its financials at the behest of the Securities and Exchange ...

Southwest Airlines to scale down Cuba flights

June 28th 2017 2:30PM
A traveler checks her baggage at the Southwest Airlines terminal at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California, U.S., January 24, 2017. REUTERS/Lucy ...

Southwest Airlines to Scale Down Cuba Flights

June 28th 2017 2:30PM
(Reuters) - Southwest Airlines Co said it would reduce the number of flights to Cuba, joining other U.S. airlines, as President Donald Trump's Cuba ...